Trekking Adventure Program

Code: PTTM-12
Duration: 9 days – 8 nights
Price: $us 720
Number of people: 2 pax

Day 1: Departure from La Paz in public bus to the town of Apollo. Travel time is approximately 18 hours.

Day 2: Apollo – Machua – Chipilusani – Santa Teresa – Rio Machariapo . Early breakfast. Heading into mobilities to Machua population where the walk starts . The duration of the hike is between 5-6 hours and through communities of Chupilusani and Santa Teresa . Are observed birds and small animals . Dinner and camp.

Day 3: Machariapo River – Turnia . Our day starts early in the morning , had a delicious breakfast and walk. Pass by the community May 3 , to reach Turnia after 6 hours of walking . Dinner and camps.

Day 4: Turnia – Cuchiwani ruins . Breakfast and departure to the ruins of Cuchiwani , walking in the day about 6 hours. Visit the ruins , dinner and camp

Day 5: Cuchawani Ruins – Mamacona . After our visit to the ruins of Cuchiwani , early morning again started our trek to the village of Mamacona , where we camp and share a cultural evening with the villagers .

Day 6: Mamacona – K’umu K’aspi . Breakfast will be ready at 7 in the morning to begin our journey to reach K’umu K’aspi . We walk about 6 hours. Dinner and camp.

Day 7: K’aspi K’umu – Pie de la Serrania Link. After breakfast we begin our walk today comes close to the Serrania Link, where we overnight . We walked between 5 and 6 hours. Dinner and camp.

Day 8: Link Serrania Pie – Arroyo Pico – Rio Tuichi . Today we get up early for breakfast at 6:30 am , to begin the last day of hiking at 7 , to cross the Serrania de Link, walking about 8 hours to reach the river Tuichi , where we overnight .

Day 9: Tuichi River – Rurrenabaque . At 9 am we will go by boat to Rurrenabaque , arriving about 5:30 .